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We are an audio production company based in Madrid and Valencia (Spain). We are specialised in sound design, dubbing, voice- over and audio production for any multimedia solutions.We provide recording sessions live with Source Connect, Session Link Pro or Skype.

We create a modern and unique sound design for your soundtrack and we provide more than 120 proffesional voices for dubbing and voice-over services. A professional team of sound designers and voice talents that makes your soundtracks sound perfect.

The Know-how

Design is a process.



Creativity is a decision

Sound recordings


Imagine a place where any sound is possible. Surfaces, props, lots of stuff and lot of passion is all we need.

Sound design & Mixing


We know how our hearing works. It's not just about putting effects and great music. It is about creating a story through sound.

Voice casting


Dubbing and voice-over facilities. More than 120 voice artists from all over the world and Source Connect Studio. We cast and select the best voice for your project.


Being unique is everything

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OUR Story

Style is everything.

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    Antonio Ramirez Voice talent, dubbing actor and director

    He has always been fascinated by arts and communication. That's why, after studying Art History, he decided to start training his voice for dubbing and voice-over. He is the one who gives us perseverance, motivation and energy every day in the studio.

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    Silvia Torrico Sound designer

    Since she was little, she has always been linked to arts and cinema. She studied Audiovisual Communication and specialised in sound at ECAM Film School. She is the one who brings us hours of creativity, perfectionism and positivity.


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